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ATSC Launches Certification Program For Mobile DTV

Will apply to both broadcast gear and consumer receivers
By Glen Dickson

The U.S. digital TV standards body, the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), has launched a certification program by which both broadcast equipment vendors and consumer electronics manufacturers can signify that their products comply with the new A/153 ATSC Mobile Digital Television (DTV) Standard.

Working with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the ATSC has developed a Mobile DTV Certification Mark-"MDTV"-- for products that comply with the standard, which was formalized in mid-October. The program is based mainly on self-certification by industry members, and also includes provisions for expert reviewers, independent laboratory testing and verifications to help assure compliance. The certification policy is available to all interested parties, whether or not they are ATSC members.

"It's one mark usable by both CE manufacturers and professional equipment manufacturers," said ATSC president Mark Richer, who added that the certification program should help support broadcasters' plans to roll out new services next year. The MDTV mark is expected to be used on a variety of wireless receiving products including mobile phones, small handheld DTVs, laptop computers, USB dongles and in-vehicle entertainment systems, as well as professional broadcast equipment. Other items that may utilize the mark include mobile DTV-related software, applications and accessories that comply with the standard.

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