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Am I Just Too Far Away?!?

Just cancelled DirecTV over the weekend thinking I'd go OTA and Netflix during the summer and maybe Sling if the kids really missed some of the paid channels. I had a set top antenna laying around so I hooked that up and got 10 channels, but none of them ABC, CBS or NBC. I know to get some of those, I'll need an outdoor antenna but I'm not sure if it will be worth it if it's some monstrosity of an antenna that goes on the roof. Any thoughts of options I can look at? Below is my TV Fool report. I don't really care which ABC, NBC or CBS that I get as I don't really watch the local news, just the night time programming. Thanks for the help!!
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It looks like you would most likely need a roof mounted antenna to get the major networks. Do you want some suggestions for that or are you adamantly opposed to a rooftop antenna?
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Your TV Fool Report has a warning saying it is only resolved to the block level. You might generate a new one using the instructions found here:

You said you receive 10 channels? Interesting because your strongest stations include Fox and CW. Can you post a list of what you do receive.

Also, what direction is your antenna pointed? And what type of set top antenna is it? (There may be a part number on the bottom or describe it.)

If your set top antenna is a horizontal loop with rabbit ears you might try aiming the loop at the directions for the stations listed in your report. Use a compass and aim at the "magnetic" value (last column in the chart).
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