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Receiving signals from two transmitters?

I have a loft aerial (Yagi or Antiference Rx 12:

I get good reception from the forward direction, and there is another transmitter at about 90 degrees to the antenna from which I can receive weak signals. I would like to strengthen these weak signals, but not weaken the signals from the forward direction.

The aerial cannot be moved. Actually, it could be rotated somewhat, but I would reluctant to make this adjustment for fear of losing my main transmitter signals.

Can anyone suggest a modification to my current aerial that would improve the reception at 90 degrees, but have little effect on the forward direction? I have considered the option of two aerials, but I doubt if my inbuilt tuner would be able to cope. I use an iDTV.

The signals are UHF, and digital.

I believe that the aerial is wideband.

If it matters, I live in the UK.


Ps. Where is TV Fool based?
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This is a map of freeview TV transmitters in the UK that is somewhat like some of the TV Fool resources available for North American viewers. Without your exact location and signal coverage maps, it is difficult to provide for you the in-depth assistance available to viewers on the western side of the Atlantic. However, it may be possible to give you some useful assistance if you give the city where you live.
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Thank you for responding.

I am familiar with the site that you provided.

I would like to ask a further question.

If I established two aerials (each pointing to a transmitter) and used a Y piece to connect the cables to a booster ditributer, would the joint signals be likely to be sent in a form that would analysable by the tv tuner?

I have suggested a Y piece because I do not have a diplexer.

Let me know what you think.

Best wishes.

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