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Put a 6 foot satellite dish in something like but not limited to this , If the tent is installed so that the dish is aimed through the , back , sides and roof of the tent , then the door of the tent will be on the north side , and can also use as a storage shed.
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just noticed this thread

coincidentally just posted a comment in another FTA thread...

but for listings the best place to check would be Lyngsat.

thats for G19, it has the most/varied free channels. For a very robust and complete data on satellites, is the de facto leader for information online.

FTA Ku is somewhat limited in that there are a plethura of foreign programming to view, but to me, it is way worth it. There are quite a few English language programs on, and even if you don't speak the language some of the non-English broadcasts are a hoot to watch. Media content research is a casual hobby of mine, and the FTA is a "must have". There have been many times I have watched a US broadcast news show and found total and complete contradictions when referring to another non-US program (not being political here, just making an observation!) which made my TV viewing, from that point when I first discovered this, um "factual errata", completely and utterly changed my outlook on television- forever.

FTA is fun. The commercials from Arab countries are a discovery: you will learn what their ad base is made up of: mothers, and mothers (the ads are mostly baby products and things to make housekeeping easier) as opposed to the multitude of varied products that are advertised in USA.

I am moving soon, and I am going to make my choice of location based on whether I can easily install the FTA dish, as I will be in another condo.
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Many people make the FTA , seem big and scary with all manner big and scary comments.

Here is the -->Easy Way<-- to begin to understand and for most english language people to Know what English Language Networks are currently on , KU Band Small Dish FTA.

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