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Cool A Different Way to Watch Over-The-Air

Hello folks, been way from the forums for quite a while, hope you and yours are doing well, post-pandemic.

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I'm actually trying to spread the word about what I feel might be a better TV viewing experience, if one has the wherewithall and finances to accomplish:

Succinctly: Don't watch TV on a TV!

Purchase an ATSC 1.0 or 3.0 capable tuner, and connected to a monitor, preferably one with built-in sound, via the HDMI port.

My reasoning:

The picture on a monitor, out of the box, will be much clearer and more accurate that what comes out of the box on a typical consumer TV. And not all consumers know which picture enhancements to turn off or leave on, or even where to locate them in already nested menus.

To be sure, some adjustment of the brightness(dark levels) and contrast(light levels) might be necessary to compensate for specific viewing space, and a wamer color temperature need to be selected for watching video and movies.

The caveats:

Cost: A quality monitor, over 20 diagonal inches, might actually cost more than an equivalent sized consumer TV.

Audio options: Not all monitors have speakers built-in, and those with built-in speakers may not be of the same quality as TV speakers.

Size: Monitors over 30 diagonal inches are still hard to come by, compared to consumer flat screens, which are available anywhere from 20 to 90 inches diagonal.

At work, I HDMI's out from a Blu Ray player to a 20" Dell monitor, and felt like I was seeing the movie I was demoing, for the first time! Everything so crisp and clear, pure.

What are your thoughts on this setup?
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