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John Candle
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Antennas Direct C5 VHF High Band Antenna

An article about the C5. I would name the antenna the Bow Square 713 or Square Bow 713 or 713 . 713 = channels 7 thru 13 . And yes Antennas Direct can use these names free and clear. . I have one of these antennas , it is Amazingly Light and Strong and High Quality Construction. If you order one as an example from Solid Signal or Amazon , when you receive the box , it's so light you will think there is nothing in the box.

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The C5 is also able to receive UHF signals though this was not it's original design goal. In metro areas with strong signals, with little interference problems, the C5 can be a single antenna solution for reception of real channels 7 through 51.
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I live in California's Sacramento valley and receive good UHF reception with my 20-ft.-high C5 directed at transmitters 60 miles south of here. Summertime drop-outs occur - but oddly, they are most frequent with real channel 9, not the UHF stations. I also get steady UHF stations 60 miles to the north off the back end of the C5, and sometimes pull in real channel 7 at 118 miles from the same direction. I'm pleased with its performance as well as its appearance.
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