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Watch movies for Free and 100% legal.

Here is a Free and Safe and 100% legal way to watch movies and videos.

The Q and A section of hoopla says.

Question: Are there adds while I enjoy content on hoopla?

Answer: No , hoopla has no ads or commercials while viewing or listening to content.


More Tv's are available with the internet built in.

If your Tv does not have built in internet.

Or your computer device does not have a connection port that will connect to the Tv.

Here are some and not all places to buy devices that will enable your computer , computer device , to display the internet on your Tv.

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If anyone doesn't know already

Personally I am not a fan of those online "Watch TV FREE!!" sites as they are full of junk, ads, spam and God knows what else.

One I have used, that carries the kind of programming that the FTA satellites have, amongst others- is If I am in a nostalgic mood, I rush over to which is fascinating to me as I don't know how the guy pays for all of his server space?? No ads, no flashing "Click HERE" nada- just channels. Tubtub you can configure to autoplay the channels on your windows media player, I had to finagle it in Firefox settings. tubtub has many many "channels" such as the Dragnet channel, "Crime Scene" films, Dick Van Dyke, even Clutch Cargo. I think they must have about 150 channels, no advertisements, not even on their web page. There is even a movies channel with titles from the 70s, 80s, 90s- and I have watched some titles I remember from old Lifetime network that they would never air again (oh memories)
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Hoopla is Not A Typical 'Watch Tv Free' web site.

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Jason l
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O brother.... Thanks any how. I can't watch hoopla I don't have a library card. O well there is veetle for free movies. and my antenna for free tv
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