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Angry Maps keep re-adjusting when moving push pin


I go to coverage map, put my push pin near my location, then see what channels (stations) available.

Then I click the radio button for a particular station.

The map adjusts and zooms into the station location and fills in the colours for signal strength.

Now I have to zoom back to MY location to see the signal near my location.

Then when I move the push pin around to see the exact NM values for the stations around me (while showing the colour signal strength of my selected station, which I want to continue to see), then the map moves again back to the station location.

Then I have to move the map back to MY location and re-zoom again.

And so it goes...

Any chance to change it so the map does NOT move to the location area but stay where I am looking at??

Basically given the colours, I want to move the push pin around there so I can see where is a good signal and what other stations show for their NMs while I am focused on the colour of my particular station I picked.
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Thanks for the feedback!

You've touched upon a small technical nuance of web-based interactive maps.

The way the map recenters and zooms is essentially a side-effect of displaying the info window (balloon) for the selected station. Web maps cannot "float" their balloons outside of the rectangular region where the map is drawn, so whenever balloon text needs to be displayed, the maps will recenter themselves to make it all fit inside the map frame.

As a partial work-around, you can close the info text by clicking the "x" in the upper right corner of the balloon. This makes the balloon go away, but keeps the coverage overlay on the screen. If you then zoom in to your marker and drag it around, the map doesn't move because the balloon is no longer jerking you around. The numbers below the map will still update when you change the location / height, and the map will stay still.

I think this will help you achieve what you set out to do.

One warning though, if you click on another radio button, a new info window will be drawn, and your map will be repositioned to make it visible again.

As another suggestion, you might want to try the Google Earth overlays instead. The web-maps are quick and convenient, but they have lower resolution than the Google Earth overlays. For "poking around" neighborhoods, the web maps might not have enough resolution to see local details. Personally, I find the 3D representation in Google Earth a much more fun and intuitive way to "see" signal coverage.
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Old 14-Feb-2013, 6:57 PM   #3
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Ok, I've played with Tvfool using Google Earth awhile back and it was quite confusing to use...

Other than precisenous, what other feature does it give me that the web-based Tvfool does (or can) not?

I just find this Web based tool much easier to use (even though it may not be accurate) when using the push pin to get NM values for a particular location.
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