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Creative Ways to Receive and Watch Broadcast Television

This is a on going post. I have been on this Planet 61 years. At least 50 of those years I am in Broadcast Television Transmission and Reception. I have alot of information I am passing on. . Creative Tv reception with a three point tethered weather balloon at heights of 0 feet to 500 feet / 0 to 152.4 Meters. The three tethers are connected at equal distances around the equator of the balloon. The same three tethers connected to the buildings or ground are at a much larger diameter of spacing . The antenna is under the Weather Balloon. One of the tethers is connected to the side or roof of the house , the coax cable runs along this tether. At the >START Maps< part of the antenna heights can be changed , higher heights are most always stronger tv transmissions. Also the location of the antenna is changed buy moving the red balloon pointer at tvfool >START Maps<.

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