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Need help with power injection instructions, don't understand

There is a note in the instruction manual for the RCA power injector that states, "This power unit is intended to be oriented in a vertical or floor mount position." Does that mean either vertical or horizontal, but not tilted?

I currently have the thing in the coax junction box outside, because apparently it needs to be placed between the antenna and any splitters, not after the splitters. It is not exactly vertical and it's obviously not on the floor inside the house. Am I going to have problems with this arrangement?
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As I read the manual for the TVPRAMP1R, they make an ambiguous distinction between the power injector and power unit.

I believe they are speaking about the unit that plugs into the AC power outlet, not the injector that is connected to the coax. If the power unit is at an angle, it may not be in the outlet far enough to get power.

As long as the connections are protected from the weather, I think you're fine.
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