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Antenna Recommendation for Lafayette,CO

I am moving to a new address soon and not taking dircectTV with me. I'm new to OTA so any advice an antenna would be appreciated.

Here is my TV Fool report -

I have no existing hardware - There is some coax in the house that I may or may not use.
I am interested in the local channels PBS, ABC,CBS,NBC and FOX.

Could you please advise what would be a good antenna for my situation - I can do an indoor, attic or roof mount but would prefer not to have 2 antennas. Is there an antenna that can get both the UHF and VHF signals?

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A Simple reception situation.

Install a ,

HBU11K antenna above the roof in such a manner that reception is not , obstructed , impeded , blocked , in all directions.

The Main group of Digital Broadcast Tv Stations/Channels are to the , South.

Aim the HBU11K antenna at about 200 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

Use a Real and Actual magnetic compass to aim antenna.

Avoid aiming the antenna into close trees.

And close trees in other directions are not good for reception.


Can also buy the HBU11K antenna at ,


A antenna system amplifier will most likely not be required for 1 , 2 , 3 , Tv's connected.

For 1 Tv connected use No splitter.

For 2 Tv's connected use a 2 way splitter.

For 3 Tv's connected use a 3 way splitter.


The Tv/s Must Channel Scan for the , OTA=Over The Air , ATSC-Digital Broadcast Tv Stations/Channels.

Do Not channel scan for cable tv channels.

Go into the Tv Channel Setup Menu and select ~ Antenna Channels ~ ATSC Channels ~ DTV Channels ~ Air Channels~.

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Welcome Phinr! I see no need for two antennas. There are plenty of good UHF/VHF antennas for your situation. Looks like everything you need is coming at you from SSW, nice and strong too. Regardless of strength, you want the clearest line of sight you can get. Trees, walls, etc will impact your reception. Trees tend to move and cause the most pain when they start waving at you. Outdoors is always best. With strong signals, you may be able to do an attic mount too. It's not optimal but easily checked out before making a permanent install. I'd look at the HBU-11 or the ANT-751. Either of those pointed at about 200 deg on the compass will do the trick. You can make use of existing coax as long as 1) it's not in use for ANYTHING now, including internet and 2) you remove all existing equipment, splitters, etc that you don't need. If you need splitters, get exactly what you need; ie, don't use a 4 way when you need a 2 way.
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Thank you both for you assistance!
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