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Help with the best Antenna

I have some trees around close to the house, but when its cold out - I pick up a good number of stations - I have a small antenna on the roof about 35 feet off the ground on the peak of the 2nd story of my house - What is a good long distance antenna that someone might recommend. here is the data from TV Fool All the help and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks so much.
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How about more details on what you have now. A solid reference helps out a lot. Do you know the antenna model, or have a photo of it? I assume it's pointed SE? What channels do you receive now and what are extra ones are you after?
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How many TVís do you want to use? Do you mind a rotor? If you want a chance of getting WRGB on RF6 (CBS), I suggest a winegard HD7084P or an antenna craft HD1850 as high as you can get it pointed somewhere between 192 magnetic and 131 magnetic. You might need a preamp; the RCA TVPRAMP1R is probably the best one out there right now from a performance/price perspective. A big antenna on a rotor would give you the best chance of getting stations from all over the compass using one antenna.

As the previous poster said, more information would be good.
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Tv antenna rotation ,
with a antenna rotator -->Is Not Channel Surfing Friendly , must wait for antenna to rotate.

And Will Be --->Domestic Situations about the direction the antenna is aimed.

A antenna rotator will Not Be Required at your location.


What make and model number is your antenna??

If you do not know , then.

What antenna looks the most like the antenna you have.

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Hi adk7108,

Welcome to the forum!

Before we can really help some details about your situation may be helpful. What channels do you want? What is your desired outcome? What is your coax set up? Are you splitting to several tvs? What kind of antenna specifically are you using?

Before I get too deep, trees are bad news. If you are shooting through trees to receive a signal your results can be varied and seasonal. Think summer = leaves = more chances to reflect, scatter and deflect signals. This can make even strong signals prone to drop outs.

Your report is doable, but has some challenges. I suspect with the right set up you could receive ABC, NBC, CBS an FOX.

Just for curiosity sake, rerun the TVfool plot at 50 and 75, seeing if there are any differences.

My first instinct to you is get above the trees. That will improve chances of reliable reception given that you likely need a strong set up without the trees for reliable reception.
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