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Help with reception

Hello everyone,

So I just cut the cord with direct tv. I am trying to get reliable reception and I am having some problems getting a couple of the stations that I would like. I am located in Loveland Colorado. The stations that I am having trouble with are 7 and 9. I replaced my old antenna with a new ClearStream 2v which helped and I have replaced most of the coaxial with new quadshield rg6 wire. I have an old radioshack 15-2505 signal amplifier which also seems to help. My problem is that the two stations pixelate and/or cut out completely all of the time. If there is any weather then they disappear all together.

One known issue is that if I put it at the peak of my house then a big tree is in the line of sight. So I currently have the antenna mounted at about 10'. The tree seems to only block 7 and 9. I assume that I am having problems with only 7 and 9 because they are the only VHF high channels that I get.

I am considering getting rid of the Radio Shack amp and purchasing a better signal booster that can be mounted closer to the antenna. The Radio Shack one is mounted inside the house right near the connection to the TV. Another option that I have considered is to purchase/create an antenna specifically for those 2 channels. But I am unsure how to do this.

Here is my TVFOOL report:

So any and all suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks Alfred
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Hello Alfred,

You have a nice TVfool map to work from. Unless you are running a long 100 ft. plus drop of coax then splitting the feed 2 or 3 times a preamp is unnecessary. I would pull it from your system as it may be detrimental (IE overloading) to your reception.

The clearstream 2V is plenty of antenna for your application.

You mentioned a tree. Foliage is an absolute problem as it reflects, scatters and disrupts the signal arriving at your antenna.

I would test alternate mounting locations if possible. Sometimes moving an antenna inches improves things greatly.

You could try adding a VHF only antenna to focus on 7 and 9, then combine the antennas. However, that tree is working against you in a big way. I think if you can get a better line of sight, the 2V's VHF element can do its job.

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Thanks you for your reply Stephanie,

One of the problems with the Tree is that it is so large that it blocks my line of sight from almost everywhere on my property. It definitely blocks every LOS from my roof. Right now I have the antenna mounted way to the side of my yard on a 10 ft post. It would be possible to place it further back away from the tree, it would still block my LOS but I could get further away from it. How far does it need to be from the Tree before the tree is no longer an issue?

Of course this would necessitate a longer cable. right now I am already running a 100ft length just to get from the antenna around to the other side of the house where the inlet is. This is one reason why I was considering an amplifier.

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Any chance you can see the horizon below the tree?
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Placing the antenna Below the tree is sort of what I have done. Kind of below and to the side. I am getting 7 and 9 now but the signal is weak and occasionally pixelates. I did remove about 50 ft of coax and a connector from the mix and that seemed to improve it some.

I am still wondering whether or not an amp would help. I am still using the radioshack 15-2505 because when I take it out I get nothing from 7 or 9 and I loose a few others as well.

I am also curious about connecting another antenna pointed north as it looks like there are several stations in that direction that I could get if I did. Not sure how to handle connecting to two antennas.

Any further suggestions or ideas are much appreciated.

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