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Lightbulb Free online magazines and print magazines, telecommunications

Little known outside of the telecommunications industry , now you can read up on whats going on. . NewBayMedia is the publisher of televisionbroadcast , , Tvtechnology , Videography , RadioWorld and more , find em at the televisionbroadcast web site. All free. Also And The next one is 'television & cable factbook' in print and on line at some libraries 'the television stations volumes' . The publisher of 'television cable factbook' is also some 'television stations' have the print and or online television stations editions , The Denver Colorado Public Library has the Television and Cable Factbook . . . . . . . Here is a little known web site that has practical and useful information of D Tv's and etc.. . Next is 3D@Home . . . . Next are some FCC web sites , . . . . The next one is . . . The next one is, B&H Photo sends out a nice big Video/Audio Catalog for free , great for reading in bed and go to sleep. . . The next one is ,

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John Candle
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What is happening to Free Broadcast Television?

Free Broadcast Television is being attacked by powerful Cell Phone Corporations , Wireless Internet Providers and International communications Corporations. What they are after is the electronic frequencies ( the Tv channels ) that broadcast Tv uses to provide you with free Tv. They will do 'any thing' to get it. What they want is to leave you with out any free .

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