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Pre-Amp and High Speed Internet

Step 1 was to install a long-range antenna in my attic and I successfully picked up all local channels when I connected directly from my antenna to the television.

Step 2 was to see if I could still get reception by connecting my antenna to the cabling system wired throughout my home. This was successful; however, I lost many channels. I'm sure that this is because there are multiple splitters between the attic and my TV.

Step 3 was to see if a preamp would help boost the signal strength. This was successful in getting most of my channels back; however, it completely killed the high speed internet connection which runs through the same coax cabling throughout the house.

So my question for the forum is what I should try to do to fix this problem so that I get the improved signal strength for the TV antenna but so that I also have an active high-speed internet connection.

I realize I could just run a cable directly from my attic to the TV, but I would like to be able to have all rooms with access to the TV if desired in the future. Any suggestions?
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Tv Reception.

Step 4 .

The cable tv delivered internet or any other type or kind of pay cable delivered service Will Not be connected to the antenna or the antenna system in any shape or from.

Step 5 .

The Pay cable system and antenna and antenna systems are 2 SEPARATE Systems and Will Not be connected togather in any way shape or form.

Step 6 .

Do Not connect the cable system and the antenna system on to the same coax.

The Pay Cable system and Tv Antenna Reception use many of the same frequencies , mixing Tv antenna signal and pay cable on to one coax , Will produce the problems you are having.

The 2 systems must be 2 Separate coax systems.

Most likely only one coax is connected to the wireless internet router.

If Tv antenna signal is required in the room where the wireless router is at , then run a separate coax.

The rest of the coax through out the house can be used for the Tv antenna system.
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From your description, it's a bit unclear... are you connecting your antenna to an active cable TV service? If so, please don't. Cable TV services use the same frequencies as over the air life safety services (police, fire, aircraft nav & comm, etc.). If you connect an antenna to the cable network, you risk interfering with licensed radio services.

We need to know how your internet service is delivered, cable, phone company DSL, wireless, satellite...?

Are you using a Ethernet to RG-6 adapter of some sort? If so, what make and model.

What did you connect the antenna to? A splitter input port, output port...?

Bottom line, we need a detailed description of the existing cabling system... before you connected any OTA antenna components.
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If high speed internet is the only other thing you're running through the cable and your computers are all wireless, you can put the cable modem and wireless router in the garage and terminate the cable feed right there, freeing up the rest of the in-house cable network for your OTA feed.

Even if your computers are not all wireless, you can add a wireless bridge for those, though adding a wireless card(s) is likely cheaper.
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