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are any of the DB8 build it yourself antenna's worth building?

Hi Since I watch almost all UHF channels I've been looking at some of the build it yourself DB8 antennas. There are few VHF channels I would watch. I have a manual rotor and prefer a directional UHF antenna so I can get the best signal possible and am not worried about having to turn the antenna. Here is my map. The best do it yourself antenna so far to me, is when you make two DB4 antennas and either stack them one above the other or mount them side by side to make a DB8 antenna, hopefully with a reflector on the back side. KInda thinking of making a stacked version. I like the version on youtube titled [ Better HDTV Antenna] or he has one titled [Better Outside HDTV Antenna]. His type of antenna is made with pvc pipe so the cost is less but you can still make a pretty big antenna. Has anyone tried to make a antenna like this? How well do you think it would work for me? I do have lot of adjacent channel warnings. anyway I'd be glad of any advice I could get on this even if it's just to go with a a normal antenna. Thanks Tim
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Jason l
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DIY db 8

Yes I use a DIY bow tie 8 bay vertical stacked. 10" whisker 9.5 bay spacing and 1.25 phase line space. I get VHF 7/8 are 60+ miles away and 44/45 UHF are 68 and 74 miles away.
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Two designs to consider... Both have some real engineering effort invested in their design;
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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Jason l
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Yup I have had great success with eastmasonvilleweather design for me the larger whiskers are needed to pick up VHF and do very well on UHF
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"are any of the DB8 build it yourself antenna's worth building?"


I built a prototype of 10" whisker bowtie with 9 1/2" bay spacing an 8 bay and I'm quite (extremely) pleased with the results. Dropped cable about 2 weeks ago. We are getting better reception and more channels compared to the basic cable plan we use to have. I will at some point build the final version using copper wires instead of the galvanized 3/16 whiskers and set it about 25' off ground level.

We get everything wanted 40 - 50 channels which include sub channels... and this is a temporary set up of one antenna pointing in one direction 227 Degrees mag. compass.

Installed an RCA Antenna Pre-Amplifier because of about 100 feet of coaxial cable is being used. This was a big improvement.

I'm very grateful to those that offer their assistance in this forum as it was and is very helpful. Thanks to all.
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