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Talking Acworth, GA (Atlanta) New Install

Thanks for finally approving me for posting. In the four weeks that I have been waiting I used the TV Signal Analysis results for my location and all the previous posts on the board to plan and install my antenna installation. I thought I would go ahead and post what I installed and the results in the event that someone else in my area can benefit.

My TV Fool Report:

My Antenna Installation:
Rohn 9H50 telescoping mast, ground mounted and bracketed to the roof peak at 15 ft. and guyed at 19 ft. and 27 ft. with 3/16 Dacron rope. The 1-1/4" top section is nested inside the 1-1/2" section for added stiffness. The overall length is 27 ft.
An 8 ft ground rod is installed at the base of the mast and connected to the service ground with 25 ft of #6 solid copper.
The mast is bonded to the ground rod with 1 ft of #6 solid copper.
The ground block is bonded to the ground rod with 1 ft of #8 solid copper.
UHF antenna: Antennas Direct 91XG mounted at 27 ft.
VHF antenna: Antennacraft Y10-7-13 mounted at 23 ft.
Both antenna feed lines combined with Blonder Tongue ZUVSJ combiner.
20 ft of Perfect Vision RG-6 quad shield from combiner to ground block.
30 ft of Perfect Vision RG-6 quad shield from ground block to a Channel Master CM-3414 distribution amplifier (with three of the four outputs terminated with 75 ohm terminators while testing).
25 ft of existing cable company RG-6 to TV1.
20 ft of existing cable company RG-6 to TV2 (to be connected after testing).
30 ft of existing cable company RG-6 to TV3 (to be connected after testing).
40 ft of existing RG-59 to TV4 (to be connected after testing; will replace with RG-6 if necessary).
All new F connectors are Belden SNS1P6QS Snap-n-seal.
All connections exposed to the elements sealed with silicone fusing tape.
I used the quad shield RG-6 because I also have a ham radio antenna installation at this location and wanted the extra shielding to help keep the ham radio signal out. In a normal installation RG-6 dual shield should be fine.

After the initial installation a week ago I was picking up most of the local stations but not all of them. Using my military lensatic compass yesterday, I determined the UHF antenna was pointed at 147 degrees magnetic and the VHF antenna at 128 degrees magnetic. I turned the whole mast assembly 3 degrees and the UHF antenna is now aimed at 144 degrees and the VHF antenna at 125 degrees.

Here are the before and after results of signal quality (before on the left; after on the right):

WSB (ABC) Channel 39, 0%; 73-79%
WAGA (Fox) Channel 27, 68-69%; 100%
WGTV (PBS) Channel 8, 52-61%; 46-57%
WXIA (NBC) Channel 10, 86-91%; 86-92%
WPXA (ION) Channel 51, 0-18%; 77-89% (off the back of the beam)
WPCH (Ind) Channel 20, 69-73%; 98-99%
WTBS (Ind) Channel 30, 0%; 61-66%
WPBA (PBS) Channel 21, 0%; 85-88%
WANN (Ind) Channel 29, 0%; 66-69%
WUVG (Uni) Channel 48, 52-59%; 97-100%
WATL (MyN) Channel 25, 59-66%; 100%
WGCL (CBS) Channel 19, 59-66% ; 100%
WKTB (Ind) Channel 47, 0%; 68-79%
WAGC (Ind) Channel 14, 0-18%; 63-37%
WATC (Ind) Channel 41, 69-73%; 0%(off the side of the beam; not interested in this channel at all)
WHSG (Ind) Channel 44, 59-61%; 100%
WUPA (CW) Channel 43, 59-61%; 100%

Signal quality over 50% is giving me a great picture, 40 to 50% has an occasional artifact, 10 to 20% the video pops in and out as the signal fluctuates and is not watchable, 0% no video at all.

Note that VHF channel 8 decreased a little bit in signal quality while channel 10 (with higher power) stayed about the same. I did my tweaking for the UHF antenna by rotating the entire mast assembly. The next time I am on the roof, I will move just the VHF antenna and see if I can peak channel 8 while still getting a good signal on channel 10.

It looks like I hit the sweet spot. I'm very pleased with the results and I am glad I went back and tweaked the azimuth and set it dead on using my compass. All that infantry land navigation training finally paid off in the civilian world.
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