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suggest VHF antenna for attic + should I use an amplified splitter?

I'm looking for a somewhat compact VHF antenna that will work well in my attic. HERE is my report. I was hoping to get something that's able to grab whatever's available to me. I don't have many stations so I'm really hoping to get what I can. UHF is already covered with an AD DB8e (purchased open box for $90 so figured why not) I need to install. The VHF antenna I'm looking for can only be a maximum of 36" wide but I'd prefer a little smaller (ideally 36Lx24W). Is there a quality VHF antenna that has a good chance at accomplishing what I'm hoping?

I also have a question about overloading my tuners, I don't know how exactly it works but I have the DB8e and a combiner already, I just need to plug the VHF antenna in. I have two 4 way passive antenna splitters, does it not matter if there's a TV plugged into the splitter or not with reducing the db? Will I need an amplified splitter? I actually bought the CM-3412 splitter that splits to 2 channels (+11.5db each) but one 4 way splitter will only have 1 TV hooked up to it, the other splitter will only have 2. Will I be overpowering them? I ran new cables to all of my rooms but I won't actually be using the bulk of them. I just want to make sure I do it right, if that's a dumb question it's just because I'm dumb !

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The ClearStream 5 is probably the only one that meets that size requirement.

Installing the splitter incurs its insertion loss. It does not matter if there's a TV set turned on at the other end(s).

Your signals are mostly strong. You may not need a distribution amp.
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