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Chicago stations no longer on the air & revised stations still on the air in digital

As of May 5th, 2018, the following stations have signed off:

WHNW-LD Gary, IN (RF 18)

WAAA-LP on RF 49 signed off years ago.

If W46EB was ever on, they're off the air.


WYCC Chicago (RF 21) This station is now channel sharing with WTTW on RF 47 (still maps to 20.1, & affiliates with Mhz Worldview)

WBBM-LD (RF 26) They shut it off, after getting better coverage on WMEU-CD on RF 32, by leasing bandwidth on this station (Mapped to 48.3 for CBS)

WSNS (RF 45) Now channel sharing with WMAQ-TV on RF 29 (still maps to 44.1 & 44.2)

WRJK-LD (RF 24) This station stopped broadcasting in analog 3 years ago, & maps to 22.1 on digital)

W25DW-D is still on for now, but they're still broadcasting on RF 25, not RF 22, & maps to 25.1.

WXFT-DT maps to 60.1 (RF 44, which shares with WLS-TV)

Minor revisions in mapped channels & any network affiliation

WWME-CD maps to 23.1 (RF 39) (network MeTV)

WDCI-LD RF 30 maps to 57.1 (network Daystar)

WEDE-CD RF 34 maps to RF 34

WCHU-LD RF 33 maps to 61.1

WOCK-CD RF 4 maps to 13.1

WMEU-CD RF 32 maps to 48.1 (Independent) (Note: as previously listed, WBBM-LD, the translator now uses bandwidth on this station, & CBS maps to 48.3, but RF 12 is still on the air with no changes).

WESV-LD RF 40 maps to 40.1

WGN-TV RF 19 only change is that WGN-TV went back to being an Independent station September 2016. The CW affiliation went to WPWR-TV, & operates as a dual affiliation on 50.1.

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