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First Timer - Need Some Advice

Here is my report. I live in Eagle Mountain, UT and there is a small mountain between me and the transmitters. My report says that I will likely need a roof top antenna to get the local channels. I'm in an HOA and they aren't too keen on roof top antennas. In fact, most homeowners either have to pay a fee to put up satellites or put them on their deck. Any alternative to putting one on my roof?

Also, if I got my HOA to approve me putting one on the roof, what are the odds that it would actually get those channels? I'd hate to go through all that work for nothing...

EDIT: The channels I'm interested in are ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, and the PBS channels.

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That's a new one... the HOA is demanding a cut and doing nothing productive in return. Wow! I need to start billing my neighbors for 'approving' their choice of yard art.

Seriously, you have an ally in this situation, the FCC. They have established rules that supersede those of the HOA, city, county & state. outlines the FCC rules, which protect your right to install a TV receiving antenna that can be any size needed to receive the signals that you desire. The rules also go so far as to protect you from unreasonable delay and expense.

I'm not one to encourage you to pick a fight, but I also believe the HOA should respect your rights.

So, I would suggest you install an Antennas Direct 91XG, Antennas Direct DB8E (not the older DB8) or a Winegard HD9095P. Also, install a PA-18 preamplifier with the antenna.

I would only consider installing the antenna system outdoors where it has a clear view toward the NW. A roof mounted system on a tripod & 10' mast would be my preference, unless you have an even higher option.
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Hoa's , the humans that are hiding behind their rules and regulations. Are ->well aware<- of the Federal Antenna Law that says Yes you can install a Broadcast Tv Reception Antenna of Any Size so as to have Reliable Reception.

You can not be forced to pay a fee or be delayed installing a Broadcast Tv Antenna of any size or a Small satellite Tv dish.


The tvfool radar plot report is showing no antenna height feet above ground.

A standard reference Broadcast Tv Antenna height above ground is 25 feet.

I am not saying to install the antenna at 25 feet , I will like to have a look at signal strengths at 25 feet , gives me a better idea at what is reliable received and what is not reliable received. So I can make a better recommendation.

Do not delete your first tvfool report and please make a new report with the exact address and make the antenna height 25 feet.

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