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Need FM Antenna Info

Not many outdoor FM antennas on the market these days. I want something that has good to excellent rejection of signals off the side and back. A unidirectional antenna is required for picking up a signal on a channel that has a co channel in the opposite direction.

Any recommendations? The Antennacraft FM6 gets pretty good reviews but I don't know if it has a good front to back ratio. And the same goes for the Winegard 6055.
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The Winegard HD6055P is advertised to have 7.0 to 8.6 dB forward gain and 18 to 20 dB F/B.

The Antennacraft FM6 specs are less specific, simply claiming forward gain of 6.6 dB and 18.9 dB F/B.

Then there's the Wade C & J Series.
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I wonder if something like this might work:

The low-VHF elements are angled towards the front, which could maybe help guard against co-channel interference? I haven't tried any antenna like this in the past so I'm not sure how well it would work in your case.

Hope this helps.
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