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Channel Master CM 5020 Antenna

Has anyone tried this new deep fringe model? If so, how does it do with really weak signals and with rejecting adjacent channels?
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Antennas don't reject adjacent channels. Rejection is based on the frequency and angle of incidence of the incoming signals.

While CM doesn't publish polar plots that might give better visualization of patterns, they do have gain, F/B, and BW listed for this model on their website.

FWIW, it appears to be a typical large all-channel antenna, likely based on an old design 2-69 that's been around the block.
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Showed up on the Channel Master web site awhile back.


A standard antenna design that has been around for a long time.

The < shaped UHF reflectors are very small and will not reflect much signal to the UHF reception element.

A small number of VHF reception elements means that precise spacing and element lengths is required to get improved reception , this small number and precise spacing and element lengths means there is no 'elbow room' for reception if the antenna elements are bent or broken.

The antennas are over priced for what you get.


Antennas do not reject adjacent channels.

As an example but not the only example.

Channel 30 is the main channel.

Channels 27 , 28 , 29 and 31 , 32 , 33 , are adjacent to 30.

Antennas do not reject adjacent channels.

----------------->Antennas Receive Adjacent Channels.<--------------------


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