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What's the next big thing for OTA TV?

Obviously, the start of digital broadcasting and the 2009 digital cutover were the biggest things to happen to broadcast TV in decades. Since then, we've seen some new antenna manufacturers show up, some small tweaking to antenna and amplifier designs (with some worsening), and some new channels pop up in various markets.

So what's next? The occasional new channel, something cool on the technology front, or something else entirely?

(Hoping this doesn't turn into a they'll-kill-OTA thread, but so it goes.)
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while it is most likely only going to be supported by the hdhomerun,
I believe it is the AVC (MPEG4) replacing the MPEG2 codec in the ATSC OTA. (while it was added to the ATSC standard...not much hope that it will happen due it the fact that every HDTV has the MPEG2 codec in it, and probably not the MPEG4(AVC).
but with HDTV's having linux and the like being used to operate the set, it might be possible to upgrade the set to use MPEG4.

i am hoping for this because mpeg2, on fast action scenes can get "crunchy" or cubes-out on fast action parts(person) . (i have noticed that on the same program on satelitte using mpeg4, blurs the fast action parts of scene instead of cubing-out.)

so with OTA already providing amazing/awesome still/slow shots, using MPEG4 would improve it to unbeatable status.
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Tv Reception.

Currently I do not think there is the next big thing in the near future that will into main stream general public.

I think the general public is , next big thinged out.

Improvements of ATSC MPEG 2 are taking place.

Improvements of transmission and reception.

The ATSC mobile reception transmissions are taking places now.

Although 99.5% of the general public are not aware of it , and there is the lack of but not total lack of hand held receivers.

A ATSC mobile , forward correction codec , will be most likely be added to the current ATSC stationary transmission that will make the reception much more stable.


3D is here and will be a feature that is turned on or off for viewing , no big deal.

As we have 3D now , it is fun for movies and such , however wonder if watching the nightly news in 3D is that important.
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i dont so much want to see avc being included in the broadcast muxes too soon. i would like to see low power repeater stations no longer having to rebroadcast streams in hd. i would trade more range and less compromising antenna situations for that.

reducing the number of needed channels to get the program to the viewer to less than half. using the freed channels to broadcast more programming, llike kaxt. although from what i have seen on kaxt broadcasts at the full or vga resolution, which can bit starve more than broadcasting streams at half D1.

i havent seen this in practace, yet i would like to see if these atsc machines can properly decode mpeg1 streams. at least sif resolution mpeg2.
im really suprised sif isnt explicitly part of the format. it seems stifling really.

i do feel avc will be pretty exiting for ota. it could mean "lite" versions of cable channels could end up on the air. since one mux or broadcast could carry around 30 sd quality channels. the number of available channels could currently exede that of basic cable currently. although if the proper steps were taken, the current (mpeg2) atsc implimentation could do this in nearly every town.
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