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Guidelines when asking for help

In order for others to help you with your reception questions / issues, they need to understand what your situation looks like. For starters, it would be very helpful if you could provide the following:
  • A link to a TV Fool report for your exact location (your exact location will not be shown in the report, so it is safe to post here)
  • If you have an existing antenna, amp, wiring, and/or splitters, please share any information you can about the setup
  • If there are any channels you don't care about, let us know, because it might simplify some of your options
  • If you are trying to diagnose an existing reception problem, describe the symptoms of the problem as best you can

You're always welcome to volunteer more information if you think it's relevant to the situation, but this is enough to get things started.

When in doubt, ask questions.

If you haven't already, you can generate a TV Fool report for your location by either using the Signal Analysis tool or the Interactive Maps feature.

The Interactive Maps is generally better because it give your the chance to check your location on a map, tweak the location (in case the address look-up came out wrong), and play with antenna heights. Be sure to click the [Make Radar Plot >>] button when you're done to create a report that you can link to. Post the final report link back here.

The Signal Analysis tool is simpler and might be a better choice if you have a limited internet connection or would rather skip the extra map interaction step.

The Interactive Maps can be found HERE.
A brief tutorial on the Interactive Maps is HERE.

The Signal Analysis tool can be found HERE.
A brief tutorial on the Signal Analysis tool is HERE.

Also keep in mind that everyone is here on a voluntary basis. There are several people here just trying to help. Please keep the forum friendly and civil, and let's all be thankful that there are so many helpful people out there.

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