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Antenna Installation Info

Hope this information help those in search of the OTA signal. This info will help you solve alot of equation for ultimate reception.

There are still alot of bugs to work out with HD. One is (power ERP) the other auxiliary unit being installed. Man can,t work on tower at high power. FCC wanted to check out interference problems, and many stations are still doing modifications. Some stations reduced power, because of the high electric bills. LP stations still in analogue broadcast, are also holding back HDTV. The future looks bright in a year we will all know.

Lets' start by saying; The tower height, radiated power and your location is critical in tv reception. Television station rarely uses the same tower height or (ERP) radiated power, even if from the same location. That the biggest misconception of tv broadcast.

Obstacle We Encounter
Mountains, power lines, tall buildings and metal roof and building reduces reception or block it completely. Your antenna must raise above the obstacle to obtain reception. FCC recommend at standard 30 t0 50 feet high for good reception.

The Knowledge Base For OTA
TV Fool right here, provide an over lay of coverage area, this site has a connection to fcc tv query
FCC TV Query type in state, click submit. Click on the station to view read the info. To see range click on contour coverage see the estimated range of station.

Both do a great job providing critical info and will show coverage area and also broadcasters info, tower height, tower height above sea level, and epr of station.

Mother Earth is not level and you should know your height above sea level

This is important because reception work best when your antenna can see the tower and the station has enough power (ERP) to reach you.


Are your station, long range, medium or close proximity

Are they broadcast on UHF, VHF or Both frequency

Here are some companies online that provide great OTA equipment and give you a good over view of antennas and accesories to view and read up on. There are others.

Tv Fool ads here
Antenna Web
Antenna Direct
Solid Signal
Radio Shack

All will show many different antenna models for all ranges and spec to help determine what's best for you.
Plus accessories for mounting and improve reception.

Best Cable- RG-6 copper core. Home Depot

Amps/Booster only use when cable is 50 feet and over. Improves long range reception

Inline Amps also help inmprove reception

Fell free to add other info.
Were here to help each other enjoy new tv. HD OTA is great.

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