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Help with reception when about 65 miles from stations

We are located in a rural area about 65 miles from the Chicago tv stations we would like to watch more clearly, in poorer weather conditions. Currently we have this antenna in our attic:

= EskyŽ Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Motorized 360 Degree Rotation, UHF/VHF/FM Radio with Infrared Remote Control

We can have poor reception in bad weather, foggy, stormy, sometimes fairly clear weather too. Other times reception is pretty good. Could we do better with some sort of booster or different antenna there. In a very windy location, so past antennas were ripped off the roof, so need it to stay in the attic. Or are we just to far away to do better?
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Flint Ridge
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Please post a TVFool report as outlined in the sticky here.

I'm not a pro, but if you are looking to improve from that antenna, then improvements are very likely. Another amp on it would likely be bad, as it already has an amp on it.

But, step one, check the sticky and let's see what your signal analysis shows.

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here is the location. Thanks for the help on this.
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Jake V
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The antenna you listed does not have good reputation.

If you're only interested in receiving the Chicago stations (and not Rockford), for a single antenna solution I'd try the Wineguard HD7698P pointed at 92 degrees (measured with a compass). You can also use a two antenna solution, like an Antennas Direct DB8e for UHF + Stellar Labs (30-2476) MCM Part #30-2476 for VHF HI.

Others will post.
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Not surprised at your results.

I am not a technical expert, hopefully someone else can offer some suggestions, but here is my humble opinion. The antenna you provided the link to is one of many small antennas from China that have made a lot of promises about range. 150 miles? They must take those readings on a perfect Tropo night.

I read somewhere that antenna companies can claim whatever they want about reception range and power, no one will sue them.

The good antenna companies do not make claims like that. Looking at your information, you need a deep fringe type antenna. It will be bigger than the Esky. You will need a stout mast, and it will not have a built in rotator.

If you want to improve what you have, get a tripod, a mast and mount it up on your roof. Try that first it will cost the least.

With your miles, you need the best, like a Winegard HD7698P for VHF HI & UHF. UHF only? lots of choices available like an AD 91XG or the CM 4228HD.
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Despite the windy conditions, I'd expect to need to place an antenna outdoors, high and clear of obstructions. I doubt that any antenna, even the largest available, will be able to perform satisfactorily if hidden from the small amounts signal you have to work with.

If we were neighbours, you’d likely see a premium grade tripod and mast on my roof, anchored to bracing on the the attic side of the roof decking. Or possibly a ground mounted mast or tower. As one of my favorite smart guys once said, "Nothing too strong ever broke."
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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