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Little John
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Connecticut Cord Cutter

Hi all,
Same story as a lot of other folks – looking to drop cable TV (U-Verse in my case) and get some free TV. My current situation is that I don’t have any antenna equipment, and I’d like to capture all the major networks, including as many PBS stations as is logical, since their programming will vary more. We have one TV, and we might get a second, but that’s TBD.

Signal Report:

I’m considering two paths, and would welcome any thoughts:
- Two roof-mounted RCA ANT751 directional – rated for up to 40 miles – one pointed northwest, the other pointed southwestish.
- The other path I’m thinking is one Winegard MS-2002, which is omnidirectional and amplified – rated for 10-45 miles. The SW stations are the preferred choices.

Attic isn’t really an option since it’s a PITA to get in there, and the TV is in the basement so set-top is out. Roof will be the way to go, thinking of mounting it off of a plumbing breather pipe, along with maybe a tripod for additional weight-bearing. My house is surrounded with tall oaks and other hardwoods, but not densely. And it’s on a hill with the peak running a ridge along the south – probably level with the roof at about 50’ away.

I’m looking to do it fairly low-budget, and once it’s set up, it needs to be easy to watch TV.

I’d also like to consider a tuner/DVR after everything else is set up.

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Tower Guy
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I'd suggest a Y5-7-13 aimed at WTNH and a C-2 or 4 bay UHF aimed at Hartford. Couple them with a UVSJ. The Connecticut PBS stations carry the same programming simultaneously. A second PBS is WGBY in Springfield. You'd need a third antenna or a rotator on your UHF antenna to pick that up.
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Two antennas

Antennacraft Y5-7-13 for vhf high, aim at 230 degrees magnetic. For reception of RF channels 10 and 11

Antennas direct DB4e at 270 degrees magnetic for uhf reception channels 14 and up

Best place to mount the antennas is above the roof on the same mast at least 3' vertically apart. Use a uvsj to combine both antennas.

You don't need an amplifier unless you split to 3+ tv's
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