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Need some Advice from the experts

I'm hoping some of you here will be willing to lend your expertise so I don't have to do so much trial and error. The more I read about antennas the harder it seems to get. Looking for an antenna to give me FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS for sure. I get ABC, NBC and FOX with normal rabit ears on ground level. I'd prefer to put something in the attic(2 story split level), but want it to be trouble free so the family doesn't mutiny. Anyone care to share some advice? Thanks in advance,

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Anyone care to share some advice?
Yep. Temper your expectations.

The only stations you're likely to get with an attic antenna are the ones in green (and maybe in yellow, if WMBZ is actually on the air) and you're already getting them. That's it.

The nearest CBS station is WKBT in La Crosse which is in the "Difficult with a large outdoor antenna with amplifier" category.
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Thanks, ADTech. I was thinking that may be the case but needed to hear it from someone who understands it better. If I were to put a larger directional antenna on the roof would it still be iffy in your opinion? Would it still be functional for the green zone stations or would I need to have a rotor for tuning in the others?
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Let me put my own twist on the color code.

Green = easy, a rooftop antenna will pick those stations up in most directions. See antenna gain pattern

Yellow = solid outdoor if aimed at. Weakest you can get in attic. More than likely will break up and pixelate.

Red = difficult outdoor, you can't have any obstructions. Not reliable. If you need these channels, you must get a high gain antenna aimed dead on. Will not show up in attic at all. Too weak

Gray = dxing setup, extreme measures, way above trees, might show up during tropo events. Don't even look at these.

* antenna height is your best friend, higher is better *

You need a big directional antenna for reception of red channels.
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