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db= lenght of antenna? Someone help.

My thought process on an antenna is very immature. If my db is between 3.7 and 26.5, Wouldn't my antenna need to spec out accordingly? I assume each individual piece of metal should match the tv stations db in inches? How do you find an antenna like that?

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Practical and Useful Information.

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No, it doesn't work anything like that.
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dB is an abbreviation for decibel.

It is a useful mathematical form, used to express ratios (one value divided by another). Pay attention to the presence or lack of a suffix... When you see just "dB", a simple ratio is being expressed, the two values should be identified in the context of the value.

When you see "dBm" the value expressed is relative to a standard power level of 1 milliwatt (1/1000 Watts).

There are many other suffix possible. A quick search will usually yield a definition.

Here is a very basic 'how-to' that may help you translate the information in your TVFR into an educated estimate of how much gain you need an antenna to have in your application.
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