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Antenna for 100km east of Winnipeg, MB

We live about 100km (60mi) east of Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada and have been using an old rooftop antenna for OTA analogue TV reception over the years, bringing in CBC, CTV and Global from Winnipeg area with sometimes snowy reception, usually quite clear. With the digital switchover I replaced the old frayed coax with a new RG6 cable (50ft) and grounding tap, and bought a CM7000 digital converter box. The mast reaches about 40ft from ground and the antenna is pointed more or less due west. Presently CTV ch. 7.1 normally gets 100% signal strength with excellent picture/sound. I even got CitiTV for a few hours once (?). Global ch. 40 or CBC ch. 27 have not been detectable with this old antenna.

A photo of our old antenna that's getting CKY 7 100% at 40Ft:

TV Fool report here:

So far Iím looking at the HD Stacker antenna, and a Channel Master 7777 amp as a possible setup to pick up Global 40 and CBC 27, along with CKY 7. Is this likely a waste of money and time? Am I too far from the lower powered UHF stations 27 & 40 to be tuned?

Thanks ahead for any feedback or suggestions.
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Tv Reception with Tv antennas

This recommendation is based on the tvfool Pending Applications Included , for analog and digital channels. The digital transition continues in Canada and the USA. Yes analog channels are still being transmitted in Canada and USA. The tv transmissions are showing Very Weak signals for digital and analog. Pending Applications Included is showing VHF channels in the ( 2 thru 13 ) range of channels as being receivable. With no current receivable UHF channels of 14 thru 69. However the digital transition is still in progress and some UHF tv stations/channels can very likley begin transmitting. My recommendation is a Very Large VHF/UHF antenna aimed at about 274 degree magnetic compass. A Channel Master CM3671 antenna. Here is how to aim antennas , For a preamplifier use a CM7777. The reception can go down as low as analog channel CKND-TV 9 GTN. For more accurate transition information go to Here is a place to buy antennas and etc. , in Canada ,

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The HD stacker lacks the elements needed for reliable reception of real channels 2 through 6.

Electron is correct to recommend a large all-channel antenna.
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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Is the old VHF antenna still up or still mountable? If so, you're not going to get any better VHF performance with a new antenna. Buy a maximum-gain UHF antenna like the Antennas Direct XG-91 and combine it with your existing antenna using the 7777 preamp.

According to your report, even with the XG-91, reception is likely to be off-and-on. Check with the fine folks at DigitalHome here to get their opinion on whether this will be worth your while. Good Luck.

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