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Several channels says "Mode Not Supported"

I have had several new channels added in scan mode but all says "Mode Not Supported" and do not know why...I have signal strength from 6 to 9 with 10 being highest...All my regular channels are fine...did research on Google and said Samsung TV's are known for that and usual problem is a dvd player, game units, or other devices...but I have not of them...antenna line going directly into single TV...Any advice??? and what am I missing here, lol...
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I too have a Samsung TV, Alan909.

Whenever I have run into "Mode Not Supported" issue like you're having, either the signal from Mt. Wilson, LACO SoCal (my towers), has been interrupted by something or a Network feed issue has developed from source, especially if signal strength is as low as you list. Anything below the "digital cliff" of 15 and you will definitely lose your picture. And anything slightly above that will be problematic. My rookie guess would be that those new channels are too weak for your tuner.

Perhaps you could give some more specifics as to your TV tower location, etc. and some of the more experienced posters could chime in with a more detailed analysis.

I hope this at least gives you some helpful input.
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Tower Guy
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Is it possible that one or more of the stations that cause the problem are using a non standard resolution? For instance I have seen an HD encoder that jumped to 1440 horizontal pixels all by itself. I have seen a PBS station that used 544 horizontal pixels for sub channels. Neither of these are ATSC standard resolutions.
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Old 16-Jan-2018, 1:06 AM   #4
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You may not have a problem at all. During the past year, we had several new channels added to our current channel lineup in the Phoenix area. But for several weeks before these channels began regular broadcasting, the "Mode Not Supported" message appeared on the eventual new channel slot on my two Samsung TV's. However, only a blank, black screen appeared on my Sony TV.

I suggest you let us know what these channels are (City - Channel number - Subchannel number - Station call letters) so it can be investigated further.
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Old 16-Jan-2018, 2:17 PM   #5
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I had a similar situation on our local PBS station. They recently expanded from four sub-channels to five. For several weeks, the fifth channel came up blank and my Sony Bravia said "Unable to decode" or some such. Last week, the TV started showing it properly. I assumed it was due to some encoding issues at the source, and they finally got it ironed out, but I'm not sure.
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Old 19-Jan-2018, 11:45 PM   #6
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12.4 in Phoenix

Yesterday, a new channel appeared on the Phoenix lineup at 12.4. On my Samsung TV, it shows as "Mode not supported". On my Sony TV it shows as "! Signal cannot be decoded". However, on both TV's, when you push the "INFO" button on the Samsung or the "DISPLAY" button on the Sony, you see "Quest: Coming Soon to this station. QUEST, a brand new adventure reality network featuring nature's dangers, history's mysteries, and mankind's greatest achievements."
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Old 24-Jan-2018, 8:47 PM   #7
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I have a new Quest fed too. It showed up on 2.4 virtual that had previously been listed as TBD. It currently only shows short previews of it's lineup saying that it starts the end of Jan.
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Old 20-Mar-2018, 7:23 PM   #8
No Pixels at All
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When my Samsung does that it means the station is transmitting a carrier, but sending no video over it.
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