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Antenna Pointing and Purchase in Kansas

Howdy to all. Thanks ahead of time for all of your help. In reading the threads I know that I can get good advice here.
I would like to get advice on an antenna and advice on how to point antenna from my location if there are trees and neighbors house directly in the path of where antenna could be placed. Neighbors house is 2 story directly in the 135 degree angle from antenna.
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If your signal path is obscured by physical obstacles that are out of your control, you are at their mercy as far as whatever reception you might achieve. In other words, you'll get whatever you get and that's it and it's impossible for anyone to reliably predict what might happen. This can be a difficult concept for consumers accustomed to near-ubiquitous cell phone service to accept, but it is the reality of TV reception.

A "medium range" 7-51 antenna should work well. Be patient in selecting a mounting location and do not drill any holes until you have satisfactorily demonstrated reception.
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PA. DTV reception

Is your house a one or two story?
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