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Are minor digital errors common?

When watching a strong station, is it common to get the occasional audio and/or video glitch?

We've noticed that it happens a couple times an hour where the audio drops for a split second or the TV image gets a digital error. Nothing I'd really call annoying, just noticeable.

Just curious if this is common or is there something that can be addressed?
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I suppose if you're getting reflections off of a moving object like tree branches, vehicles, or airplanes, yes, it is.

Otherwise, I have also noticed that for a few years now, when FOX football cuts back in from a commercial.
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The video and audio are transported in an MPEG-2 format. This is a standard that provides for quite a bit of compression. Anyone who is looking closely will see evidence of the digital compression from time to time.

It sounds as if you are seeing the effects of uncorrected errors though. The big clue being the audio break-ups. Stereocraig has listed several common causes. Then there are the effects of interference from electromechanical and electronic devices. Antenna choice and mounting location are the likely solutions.

Finally, there are other RF transmitters which could cause interference. If you know the frequency of the offending RF source, you may be able to add a filter... Provided it's not operating on the same frequency that you want to receive.

The cause of uncorrectable errors can be any number of issues, or a combination.
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