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Connecting 2 stacked antennas with 300ohm wire?

I was wondering if anyone has tried connecting 2 similar or even not so similar antennas with 300 ohm wire at the point that the primary antenna connects to a balun instead of using a reversed splitter to connect the antennas which would create a drop in db.

I have 2 yagi antennas that both use baluns and I connect them with a splitter before connecting them to a preamp

I actually have a small amount of old 300 ohm wire that was my fathers and I was wondering if I connected them at the point where the primary antenna connects to the balun if I would reduce the loss in power

I have a couple vhf low stations that are only giving me 1 or 2 bars and they are the primary reason to use the larger antenna but I expect that when I use a splitter to connect to another dissimilar antenna I will not have enough power to continue receiving them.

is it worth a shot?

I have to replace the balun on the larger antenna or figure out why its not functioning so i may just try doing it anyway.. not sure why the larger one just flaked out but when I was installing the balun on it i broke a connector and had to crimp on a new one so i figure that is the problem.. if not it could be that the dipoles aren't seating right because its kinda forced between my rafters in my attic .. idk it will take further inspection but i do get some reception off the smaller antenna so I know its the antenna at the point of the balun ..

i really hate the stranded wire they use in baluns .. its like they make them to fail

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