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Terk HDTVi

As of 11/29/2011, the Terk HDTVi retails for about $30 at Amazon.

Be careful to avoid confusing this antenna with the HDTVa which includes a built in amplifier. If signal conditions are strong enough to use an indoor antenna, an amplifier is generally not needed and in many cases, a source of trouble due to signal overload.

Capable of reception of VHF and UHF signals (CH-2 through 69).

The performance on Channel 2 through 13 is about the same as most other 'rabbit ear' style antennas, minimal gain and minimal directivity. Expect virtually the same VHF reception in both directions perpendicular to the VHF rods.

This antenna does offer some gain on UHF channels 14 through 69. The antenna will be more sensitive to UHF stations in the direction the antenna is pointed. (The longest wing like elements are the back, the shortest wing like elements are the front of the antenna.) The modest gain also results in the antenna having the ability to reject some multipath interference.

Post #3 in provides additional information about the technical performance of a similar design.
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