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Originally Posted by Kona Blue View Post
Tower Guy
Just so I have this right and I am asking the question again due to confusion at my end, but are you still saying that I cannot combine the 91XG and the ANT-751 to use only one down feed wire?
Tower Guy is correct. CBS, ABC, and NBC are very weak and blocked by terrain.

ATSC Recommended Practice:
Receiver Performance Guidelines
Document A/74:2010, 7 April 2010

5.4.2 Adjacent Channel Rejection

The receiver should meet or exceed the thresholds given in Table 5.2 for rejection of first adjacent-channel interference at the desired signal levels shown above the columns therein.

Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
I’d suggest that a second US antenna get connected to an inexpensive HDTV tuner that is connected to an HDMI input of your TV set.
I suggest that you connect the second antenna to a Mediasonic HW-150 converter box with its output connected to the HDMI input the TV.

The HW-150 will allow you to add a channel after a scan using the Manual Search window in the menu. This keeps you from having to rescan over and over again when hunting for a missing channel.

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