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Specifics & "Avant-X Custom User Manual"

The AVANTx has 4 independent input preamp stages (wideband up to 608 MHz) and then the set of 32 filters which are programmable with the different wanted channels. If a channel is blocked, it enters the input preamp, but it is blocked in the filters and it is not present in the output wideband amplifier, where all the signals coming from the 32 filters are boosted altogether.

The main CATV+TV output is the mixed output for the CATV mix input and what comes from the antenna side of the Avant. The way the Avant adjusts the filters is by reading the power level there as it goes through the frequencies and adjusts each filter width and gain. For this reading to be accurate and the adjustment to be satisfactory this output needs to be correctly adapted and loaded with a 75 ohm load, otherwise there will be impedance mismatches, the power reading will fluctuate wildly and the filters will be totally unadjusted.

My question;
How can the CATV be used with ATSC since they are two different modulations AND two different frequency tables?? IOW's no North American tuner would or could work.
The CATV input could add locally generated content modulated in ATSC via encoders.
There is a different version of the Avant X we make for a very large hotel integrator that allows for the incoming OTA 8VSB carriers to be frequency shifted to QAM center frequencies. By having both the QAM and the 8VSB located in CATV frequencies, commercial TV tuners will pick up both and work.

My observation;
Regarding reassigning stations to other physical channel numbers.
I see a possible problem regarding devices when using outside party 'Guide data'. Namely TiVo recorders. Rovi (that owns TiVo and also supplies the data for their 'Guide') has their 'system' programmed to expect stations to be on predefined physical channel numbers. During the 'repack' when everything was in 'disorder', stations that 'moved' earlier than expected the 'Guide' data did not show under the new physical channel number. It still did show on the old allocation, but not under the new assignment.
IOW's you could not record a program on that channel without manually entering in the channel number, start & stop times, AKA 'VCR' style. They changed their regional data to now include stations in the market you are in. Of course there are many mistakes in this and many stations would be out of range for most owners given the lack of decent outdoor antenna(s) or just being in a poor location. I guess to make things easier for 'Joe SixPack' where an antenna scan almost isn't necessary (but still required).
Moving the station to a different physical channel number I would expect would do the same thing.

Attached are screen shots of the 'Custom User Guide'.

The entire Guide in OpenOffice (.odt) format is here (the upper right corner of the page has the 'Download" link for the file);

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