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Still working on trying to get the elusive CHCJ-DT. Ordered a few attenuators of amazon of varying strength. No combination seemed to give any positive results. Just lost other channels the more I added.
Sorry to hear that it didn't help. With 2 amps and a distribution system, maybe any further tests should be with just one TV, adding amps one at a time.

Which option do you think would have the most success? I think #1 might be tough due to trying to combine two antennas on one cable
Actually, both options have the same problem when the DB8E panels are aimed in different directions. When you combine 2 UHF antennas using a splitter in reverse, it often doesn't work because when the same signals arrive at the combining point they interfere with each other if they are not in phase.

When you try another antenna for CHCH, don't try to combine it until it will do what you want for CHCH.

There is a custom (expensive) device that is made by Tin Lee that will combine CHCH on real channel 15 with other UHF channels. It is called the AC7.

Antenna and Installation Advice Needed

mulliganman used one for Fox on real channel 49:
question regarding overamplification

Call them and talk to one of their engineers and email your tvfool report to him.

That is a dramatic change for CHCJ-DT (a 6 db decrease by going down 4 feet) so I think that is part of the problem. Unfortunately I don't see any way to get higher.... It's already at the end of an 8 ft poll on the roof
There should still be enough signal after you add your antenna gain. The TVFOOL report is just a computer simulation; your testing will tell the truth for your location.
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