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Suggestions for equiptment

Hello all, thanks again for all the wonderful posts and information. We are getting ready to build a new home and I am in need of suggestions on antenna/other equipment.

The goal would be to get NBC/ABC/FOX/CBS if possible. The property is located on top of a rather large hill so hopefully that will work in my favor. I ran a TVFool report using coordinates obtained from google maps on where the house will sit and here is what I come up with

Looks like the elevation at surface is 1080ft msl

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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All of your stations are 1 and 2 edge and are scattered all over the compass. I'd recommend a high gain antenna such as a DB8e and a rotator to turn the antenna.

You also have a few VHF channels so you'd need to add a VHF antenna and a joiner/combiner.
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Rick is definitely correct about the need for a rotator and a high-gain UHF antenna and a rotator. It appears that you are in between the Cleveland and Youngstown TV markets, with some pretty rugged terrain in either direction.

You will need a VHF antenna in any event to see CBS and NBC from Youngstown, and FOX and CBS from Cleveland. I would suggest a combination of a DB8E for UHF and a Stellar Labs 30-2476 deep fringe VHF high-band antenna plus a combiner, and a preamplifier like the AntennasDirect PA-18. With this combination, you should be able to point the array in one direction and get all the Youngstown stations, and turn the array towards Cleveland and get all their stations.

As for which rotator to use, the very best one is the Hy-Gain AR-40, which is very heavy duty and should last for years, however, it is pricey at $325.00. The Channel Master 9521 is a good, lower-cost choice, at about $100.00 but is not as heavily built. Good Luck!
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Thanks guys!

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the help/suggestions. I wasn't sure if it would be possible to get Cleveland which is our preferred market. At least being up high helps. Our current home is in a valley with no hope of getting signal.
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