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Brick Building Reception

I recently moved into a brick apartment building (2nd floor) and am unable to receive hardly any of the available signals in my area with my Mohu Leaf (standard un-amplified model, "30"?). The TV Fool numbers are here:

Given that they are all within 18 miles or so, I thought that I would have no problem receiving them (or at least the major news networks); however, as I am in the southwest corner of my new building, it seems as though my issue is interference. I have tried several placements within the apartment and cannot pull in more than a few random channels. Any suggestions? I am definitely open to additional/new antenna options if an amplified or different model will help. I honestly only care about ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Also, I am unable to mount anything outside of the apartment building.

Thank you for your time and attention!

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Your problem is that the signals cannot get to your antenna due to the building's construction materials and your unfortunate location relative to your area's broadcast towers.

Short of moving to the other side of the building, the best thing to try is placing the antenna on any available windows and see if you can catch something.
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Your apartment is on the South West Corner.

The Tv transmitters are to the East North East.

Are there any windows or patio of the apartment that is toward the North??

If not.

Then Tv reception is all the way through the building at the worst possible angle through the building , and the building is covered with brick.

Brick and Stone and Concrete and Concrete Blocks and Metal and Stucko Metal Wire , and Metal Covered Sheet Rock and Metal Covered Insulation and Metal Doors and Metalized Glass Window Tint and etc. and more.

All do a Great Job of , Obstructing , Impeding , Blocking , Reception.

My First recommendation is to move to a apartment that has the Best Unobstructed View of the Tv Transmitters to the East North East.


My second recommendation is put the antenna in/at windows and see what can be received.


My third recommendation is.

If their are any of those small satellite dishes on the outside of the building.

I am NOT recommending getting , dishnetwork or direct tv.

If there are any of the small dishes on the outside of the building.

Then you can also put a Broadcast Tv Antenna on the outside of the building.

Here is a Broadcast Tv Antenna That Looks Like a small satellite dish.

It looks like a small satellite dish , On Purpose , Intentionally , Deliberately.

It is Not a satellite dish , It just looks like one.

It is the.

HDX1000 Broadcast Tv Antenna.


The Broadcast Tv reception is not super strong at your reception location , so the amplifier of the HDX1000 will not be over loaded with strong signals.

For the HDX1000 the be Effective at Receiving the Broadcast Tv Stations/Channels that are to the , East North East.

The HDX1000 will be need to be installed above the roof of the building in such a manner that reception is not , obstructed , impeded , blocked , by the , roof and building in the direction of , East North East.

The HDX1000 will be aimed at about 74 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas.

Use a Real and Actual magnetic compass to aim antenna , do not trust a , cell phone , tablet and etc. compass.
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Thank you for the help. If I were to receive a couple extra channels on the window, would it be of any benefit to upgrade my antenna to an amplified version? Would that provide a stronger draw for the stations struggling to get through the building? Unfortunately, I am unable to move apartments at this time. I am also on the 2nd floor, so mounting an external antenna is also not possible.
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