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Help for Steilacoom Wa: New Setup

Firstly thanks for the last two consults... they were most helpful.

Now a new person in a new situation.

There is currently roughly 50ft between the RCA 751R and the splitter. Add roughly 25 for all the corners. The signal strengths cited will be on that splitter between an HD Homerun box and an old FM radio. Without the splitter a 10ft cable direct run KRUM (NM 13.7dB) is spotty and on the longer run 22 Fox is spotty. Either of these are needed. KRUM is Spanish, and 13.1 REAL comes in quite well.

Cutting the Dish next month, at that time we'll be having an Antenna on 3 TVs, 2 FM Radios, and 2 Homerun boxes. One of theses TVs is also has Windows Media Center, and ALL have Android sticks. So the priority for signal is the Homerun Boxes (2).

The home owner would rather have as little clutter as possible. I already have a DB8e ready to go. The big question is IF after cut off day, after installing a better splitter, if the signal is to low is there an amplifier you can suggest? I wouldn't suggest an amplifier use the DB8e is a legit answer, as is get a dedicated FM antenna. Do you have a splitter suggestion?

As the FMs "may" get their own antenna and coax, should I just plan for a 4 way splitter and split as needed for the 4 locations?

We desire PBS (Real 27/9), Fox (13.1), Cw (11.1), Ion (20.1), ABC/NBC/CBS, MYNetwork(25).

The other question is what size pipe do I need for the J-mount that comes with the RCA 751R.

Thanks in advance...


09: Strength 76% Quality 71% Symbol 100%
11: Strength 90% Quality 98% Symbol 100%
13: Strength 84% Quality 90% Symbol 100%
14: Strength 75% Quality 85% Symbol 100% (KTBW)
16: Quality 41%
22: Strength 40% Quality 44% Symbol 0% (KCPQ)
[24: Quality 41%] KRUM out of range
25: Strength 66% Quality 70% Symbol 100% (KZJO)
27: Strength 93% Quality 98% Symbol 100% (KBTC)
31: Strength 65% Quality 78% Symbol 100% (KONG 16.1)
33: Strength 68% Quality 75% Symbol 100% (ION)
38: Strength 79% Quality 90% Symbol 100% (KOMO)
39: Strength 63% Quality 78% Symbol 100% (KIRO 7.1)
42: Strength 64% Quality 78% Symbol 100% (KWDK 42.1)
[44: Str 33% Qua 42% Symbol 0%] AZT out of range
46: Strength 48% Quality 58% Symbol 100% (IQRA) ???
48: Strength 68% Quality 81% Symbol 100% (KING 5.1)
50: Strength 61% Quality 74% Symbol 100% (KUNS 51.1)
58: Strength 61% ???
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I'd keep the ANT-751 and aim it at FOX. Next I'd get a DB-4e aimed at either 18 or halfway between 22 and 51 and couple it to the ANT-751 using a UVSJ.
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Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
I'd keep the ANT-751 and aim it at FOX. Next I'd get a DB-4e aimed at either 18 or halfway between 22 and 51 and couple it to the ANT-751 using a UVSJ.
Great. The only glitch is I bought the DB-8e. Is it an issue getting mounting hardware and using 1 panel. If not I'll get that up this weekend.

In the event there is any confusion the GF specifically wants as little clutter as possible so if 751 and DB-4e work, that's great.

The other question was about splitters. Should I go with a 4 way then use 2ways at each location? They are

1) Main TV and Stereo
2) Dual HD Homerun boxes
3) Basement TV and stereo

The child's bedroom has his own coax just for his radio behind (2).
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Aim the DB8e at downtown. You'll likely get the Fox channel 22 translator making the VHF 13 signal unnecessary although it will likely come in anyway at that angle with the DB8e. Keep the RCA in reserve, just in case, and use it as TG recommended if needed.

No preamp is needed or desired, your signals from KBTC are strong enough from that avoiding overload should be a concern.

Your line of sight towards the downtown/QA Hill direction shows as either 1 or 2-edge signal paths. Be prepared to work with the antenna location, both vertically and horizontally, to find a spot where the signals play nice. Do NOT expect that whatever location you pick first as most convenient will work perfectly (be happy if it does, though). Do NOT drill any holes in the roof or house until good reception is CONFIRMED.

While the DB8e is not designed or intended for FM radio, it will certainly pick up the stronger signals. Do try it first before deciding if a dedicated FM antenna is needed. If you reach that point, combine the FM antenna into the downlead using an HLSJ, then us an HLSJ at every TV set or FM radio drop to re-separate the FM from the TV signals.

You can buy a perfectly capable splitter from almost anywhere that sells them. I prefer the IDEAL brand from Home Depot as they perform well, are inexpensive, there's a HD store a mile from my office, and I own 100 shares of HD stock in an IRA account.
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