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Problem with trees?

Good Day:

I am new to this but am very happy for this forum. I am considering cutting my cable and have looked into the Channel Master ant. My concern is wondering if there will be an issue with trees in the way to assure that the signal strength is what everyone is saying this system would receive.

Appreciate your feedback.

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Welcome to the forum.

Trees can be a problem, especially for UHF.

What does your tvfool report look like? It does not take into consideration trees. What direction are you worried about with trees?

Only testing will tell you if they are a problem at your location.
If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
Lord Kelvin, 1883

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Pete Higgins
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Did you take an extended vacation?

Great to see you back posting -missed your posts.



If you can post a link to an accurate TV Fool report for your address the experts can better assist you. It won’t reveal your actual address when others use it.

One last thought, if you have access to a computer, bring up your address in Google Earth and using the <Tools, Ruler, Line Tab> draw a line from your house along the degrees TRUE indicated for the stations of interest. That may help you pick an unobstructed antenna location to minimize degradation from trees and other nearby obstructions. TV Fool lists bearings in both TRUE & Magnetic so make sure you pick from the column labeled TRUE because thats what Google Earth uses.

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Hey Pete...
Did you take an extended vacation?

It's good to see both of you on the forum!

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