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Help with one channel

I am getting almost all the channels I can get or want here except real channel 24, the NBC affiliate and rarely too with real channel 25 which is the PBS affiliate. Both of these seem to be located together or close by. I can receive channels 19, 44, 47 and 17 very good and 47 and 17 are 2edge signals but they come in fine. When I installed my new HDB8X-NI 8-Bay antenna and did a channel scan I did receive real channel 24 and real channel 25 but the next day I lost channel 24? Why is this happening? The antenna is pointed to magnetic North. I have ordered this amp to see if it helps because the signal is there if I was receiving it initially.

I have my antenna at least 30 ft high and there are mature hardwood trees to my north.

2 tv 's with one on a 30 ft run and one about 40ft downstairs.

Any ideas? I can live without that channel if I have to but would like to get it as I was getting it and have not changed anything to cause losing it.
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Location is everything with reception. I would try moving your
antenna higher or lower on the mast. It might be necessary to
move your antenna a few feet either way. You should also
attempt to rotate the antenna a few degrees at a time and see
what happens...... Amplification might cause you more problems
because you have some very strong signals nearby. You may
also wish to configure your antenna with the panels in different
directions. Please do not start any new threads for the same
issues. I had to go back to your original thread to follow and it gets very confusing. Thanks!

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