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Channel sharing

Broadcasters test channel sharing.

A more correct title of the article is.

Broadcasters continue testing of expanded capabilities of channel sharing and delivery methods.


Expanded channel sharing being tested.


Channel sharing has been happening for some time , and is not new.

And combing 2 different Tv stations is not new.

Combing 2 and even more then 2 stations has been happening for some time.


The Real Issue is.

More Tv frequency , UHF Tv channels , will be sold to the wireless operators.

------->As I have said many times.<-------

The VHF low band channels 2 thru 6 , is the New/Old or is it the Old/New , Beach Front Property!!!!!!

The Wise\Smart , Tv stations and Multi Tv station operators are locking in the desireable channels 5 and 6.


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