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RePost Northwest Florida

I hope I am not being a (tv)fool by reposting. But I think I may not have posted my original question correctly to the forum or maybe just not clearly, or maybe it is not showing up on the forum for other viewers. No replies yet. So please pardon me if this is not proper. I will try to learn the system.

I just recently mounted an RCA Ant751 right on the mounting bracket from the old DISH (about 12-15 feet height), pointed it West. I am able to receive these channels and a few others from same networks:
WPMI 15.1, WSRE 23.1, WJTC 44.1, WEAR 3.1, WMPV 21.1, WFGX 35.1, WHBR 33.1, WKRG 5.1, WFNA 55.1,
They are reasonably clear and consistent. But they are all at about the 285 degree mark. However, there are several channels showing (on report) nearby (N-S) of that heading and more importantly in the opposite direction (East) that I would like to get also, And still use a smaller size antenna if at all possible.

I do have the option of mounting higher on the roof to maybe 25-30 feet.
There are some very tall pines directly on our east side, and it is several hundred yards to the west before there are more trees of that height. (across the Eglin AFB range.)

Any suggestions on what type of antenna, placement, hook ups etc,.
We have one 47" Vizio HD TV that we would want to connect. The other room TVs maybe not so important.

Any help would be appreciated. I have spent hours looking into this. Please help. Thank you

Added note: I tried yesterday pointing the antenna to the East at about 90 degrees. The channels received result was almost identical as when pointed to the West at about 285 degrees. Now I am really baffled!??!
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