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New World Trade Center

Greetings everyone...
The spire has finally been secured to the New World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan.

I'm wondering if anyone has any info on if or when it will be up and running as a broadcast site. I live outside of Philly, 27 miles from the towers there. I am also 55.8 miles from most of the NYC stations.

Channels 2, 4, 13.1 and 5.2 come in with no problem at all. Nothing at all from 5.1 though... 7 and 9 aren't too bad, and 11 only comes in on a cloudy day.

I am using a Colormaster 490, on my roof around 25ft in the air. I am feeding 3 TV"S and 2 FM tuners with a 15db preamp and 2 antronix 3 way splitters. Splitter 1 feeds 2 TV's on the -7db and the second splitter on the -3.5db output. Splitter 2 feeds 2 FM tuners on the -7db and the third TV on the -3.5 output.

FM reception is great, I'm 6 miles from a 101.5 tower and 27 miles from a 102.1 tower, and my McIntosh MR78 can sniff out 101.9 crystal clear from 55 miles away.

An engineer from a NYC VHF station stated the the WTC is a few years away from broadcasting, and when it finally is, the signal might be dialed down a bit.

If anyone has any info on this, I would love to hear about it.

I'm at a loss as to why 9 and 13 come in pretty good, but 11 does not, and why 5.2 is comes in with a fairly robust signal, but 5.1 is nonexistent....


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The building is a very long way from completion and no broadcasters have declared any intention of moving.

Check back in a year or two.
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11 is the weakest of the New York VHF signals, with 13 being slightly more powerful and 7 being MUCH more powerful.

9.2 is on the channel 5 transmitter, and similarly, 5.2 is on the channel 9 transmitter. Both are on UHF. WNYW is co-channel with WMCN in Atlantic City, however. If you receive WMCN 44-1, then this explains why you cannot receive anything from WNYW.

- Trip
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