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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
That is unlikely to have anything to do with the repack since the repack hasn't started yet except for a few sign-offs, it's probably something else.

You'd have to explicitly identify the stations by call letters, virtual, and real channel numbers in order to dig into it.
The repack was the only thing I could blame. The no content channels don't show any call letters on my TV or signals. Maybe it's the TV, hmmm just in time for the holiday sales.
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Any idea what "real" channel it was? Could just be how the tuner happens to handle a weak or noisy signal. I've had scans on some of my sets come up populating both real and the virtual channels with one or both of the entries corrupted.
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Another member, Stan, went through the previous databases
and found that the January 2017 database was the most
accurate and complete for most areas. That won't help for
areas already beginning the repack but it is better than current
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Question Several missing channels Marietta suburb Atlanta..

I posted several channels missing recently from their being reported properly, apparently, when I started the cord cutting research January of 2017. WPXA channel 31 in our market, ION the most important.
Good luck to the site owner, it has been very valuable to me and apparently us. What exactly is the "repack" you are talking about?
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What exactly is the "repack" you are talking about?
T Mobile was the highest bidder and took the lions share of spectrum or frequencies above UHF real channel 35, paying billions to the FCC for control of new cell phone business over the next several years, as I understand it.

So, instead of the current ceiling of channel 52, the new OTA TV ceiling will be channel 35, I think. OTA viewing will be limited to frequencies covering low VHF-high VHF and UHF up to channel 35, again as I understand it.

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