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Best type of antenna for using with a DVR like a TIVO

I am in the process of moving to a new location. The new location already has an antenna on the side of the home that is about 25 feet tall.

The issue I am having is that one of the main channels doesn't seem to come in but should. I am worried that I will have to put a rotor on the antenna to get that channel. That messes up the ability to use a DVR of some sort. I have a Tivo but I want to build a HTPC with a steaming feed device like the Silicondust HD Homerun device or maybe a dual internal ATSC tuner with XBMC.

If I have to use an antenna rotor, then I won't be able to reliably record using the DVR functions.

Are there any solutions? Can you use 2 antennas for the same feed? The main one for all the channels except for the one that doesn't come in and the other for the problem channel?
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Without a TV Fool report for the location we are at quite a disadvantage, lacking vital information about your situation.

To answer the question implied by "Best type of antenna for using with a DVR like a TIVO", The best antenna in one situation may be entirely inappropriate in another.

Like you, I have concluded that a rotator is an encumbrance to my ability to PVR/DVR. I own and operate several HDHR tuners which are connected to several separate fixed aim antennas. See:

If there is only one signal that requires a separate antenna, a tuned combiner may be a solution. As you add more signals the cost and complexity of single channel tuned filters quickly becomes less practical.
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The best antenna is the antenna that is for your Receivable Digital Broadcast Tv Stations/Channels.

The antenna or antennas will be a antenna that is selected to keep Multi-Path at a Minimum for the Best Signal Quality.

And provides sufficient signal strength.

Please make and post a Tvfool Radar and Channel List Report.

Use the Exact address of the reception location to make the report.

Make the antenna height in the report 25 feet above ground.

A antenna height of 25 feet above ground is a Reference antenna height that provides a good initial evaluation of what is receivable.
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