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Antenna/Amp Recommendation for St. Louis Area


I could use a recommendation on an antenna/splitter-amp setup to replace a lightning-fried former solution. My TVFool report is as follows:

I'd like to reliably pickup the major stations; ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and hopefully PBS for the kids, but I would also preferably like to mount the antenna in the attic, instead of the roof. Unfortunately this means aiming through either my roof shingles, or my neighbor's two story (I have a ranch). If forced to mount on the roof I will, but I've already been burned once (pun intended).

I'm also looking for a recommendation on how to split my signal between 8 locations throughout my home. I'm thinking 2 x 4-way splitters instead of 1 x 8-way so if one were to fail I would not be out of service, however that means another 2-way splitter between the antenna and the 4-ways. Thoughts and advice on whether these should be powered/amplified splitters, and what type/model splitters to look for is appreciated.

Oh, one last thing on the splitters. Is there a difference between CATV and DTV splitters? I've done a lot of shopping/reading online, and it seems like not all splitters can be used for both, but that just might be laziness in marketing.

Any help is much appreciated.
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Your topography and that line of trees to your southeast suggests that an attic antenna will have a marginal chance of success. A rooftop location is recommended.

A 4-bay UHF-only antenna is all that is needed. Because you're in the back yard of a channel 22 analog LP station, you likely will not be able to use a pre-amplifier, however, an 8-output distribution amplifier (DA) should be able to handle the situation. Keep the lead in cable from the antenna to the DA as short as you can manage.

Ground your mast and lead-in cable in accordance with local ordinances or NEC to reduce the chance of lightning damage if the antenna is installed outdoors.

There should be little difference between CATV and DTV splitters. For DTV, a 50-700 MHz splitter is all that is needed. Newer CATV splitters may be rated to 1000 MHz and may be used. Don't spend extra for them over a 700 MHz rated device, though. Do not use satellite splitters as they often have diodes in them for power steering that may interfere with signal splitting. Splitters rarely fail (unless high by lightning), so don't worry about that.
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Thanks for the advice. Based on that, would you recommend the following?

Antenna -

DA -

Coaxial Ground -

What gauge grounding wire should I use for the cable vs the mast? Also, can I ground both to the same grounding rod as an existing cable internet ground?
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