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My beginnings with OTA

Hi all.

Just want to share my start with OTA in Halifax, NS.

I use a Boxee Box with a live tv dongle. I received the dongle yesterday and hooked it up right-a-way. The dongle comes with a wee little antenna which sits atop the tv. My first and only scan provided me with 2 glorious free hd television channels. CBC and CTV! The picture is much better than the hd digital cable I am using currently.

I have on order a ChannelMaster 4228hd, A 9521 Rotator and a ChannelMaster CM 7778 preamp. Which is going to sit on a 10' mast on a 40 foot tower.
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Tv antennas and Tv reception

It would be nice if you would post your exact location and antenna height at the Help With Reception part of tvfool then we can all have a look at the reception situation.
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